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<----That's Me!

The goal of Sara Rosebud Photography is to capture your special moments with loved ones and to create unique, modern, and artistic images you will cherish forever!  With an educational background in Photography, and a perky and comforting personality, you will feel at ease with the gal behind the camera!  Don't hesitate to ask any questions or for some advise about your session, because Sara Rose can help you in so many ways!  Don't be surprised if she 'geeks out' a little when ideas are presented!  Not only will you feel comfortable after the first shot, you will find Sara posing along with you.  If you look beyond the camera, you'll see a smile on her face from ear to ear.  When shooting weddings and events, Sara creates such an atmosphere that you feel you have made a new friend once it's all over.  Prepared to be hands on, you'll be ever so thankful you chose Sara Rosebud Photography to capture your BIG DAY!  Sara Rose can't wait to meet you today, and more than anything, she can't wait to create a special experience as well as memories you will be able to tangibly cherish for a lifetime! 

Assisting Sara is the most bubbly, eccentric gal you might ever come across.  Her name is Gretchen Geyer (G.G).  Gretchen goes above and beyond to make your experience in the Studio fun and comfortable, and your Big Event flawless.  Gretchen is the gal who will fix your hair when it's in your face, bust out the sewing kit when you need a quick stitch, and she'll help you fix your 'wardrobe issues!  She's great with kids, and her artistic eye is a gift from the Universe!
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Phone: 512-850-4300

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